Quick Facts

  • Population

    The city of Casablanca currently has a population of 4.2 million

  • Language

    Being the economic capital of Morocco, multiple languages are present in Casablanca, including Arabic, French, and English

  • Religion

    The official religion of Morocco is Islam and over 99% of Casablanca's population is Muslim

  • Followers of Christ

    Currently, there are less than 100 total believers in Casablanca

A Light Amongst Darkness

North Africa and the Middle East have long been seen as an impossible mission field dominated by Islam. We know that Christ has ransomed people for God from every people, tribe, and nation, including those in North Africa. Our mission is to preach Christ where He has not been named. By building intentional relationships God is using us to see people come to faith in Christ who previously had never heard the good news that God loves them, Christ died for them, and that they can find satisfaction and freedom through a relationship with Him.

Pray. Send. Go. The Five Cities.

Why Five Cities?

First, we looked at the desperate need the world has for the gospel, and that Jesus is worthy of worship from all peoples everywhere. The fact that people have never even heard the Good News is unacceptable to us, and we knew we had to do something more. We started looking at our strategic partners with the vision of a global impact in mind. We identified five cities that are strategically located around the globe that are full of people who need to hear the Good News, and who can join us in preaching the gospel to the nations.

Where are the cities?

Atlanta, GA; Havana, Cuba; Casablanca, Morocco; Prague, Czech Republic; and Lijiang, China. These five cities strategically place us among different cultures and people, and give us the chance to engage them with life changing news: Jesus is alive and forgiveness of sins and reconciliation to God has come.

What do I do to make a difference?

The responsibility to accomplish the mission is on each of us individually. Some should send, some should go, but all should pray. Our journey as a church to take the gospel to the ends of the earth is one that must be saturated with the prayers of God’s people. So as a LIFE Group, a family, a couple, an individual, join us. Pray for the cities, send workers, and go with us into the cities with the hope of the gospel!