Our passion is God & His Word

God breathed the breath of life in us.  Through His Word, He continues to speak into our life. God simply wants us to use that breath to worship Him.

It all starts with family

The family is God’s building block for society. He established it and defined it. The church exists to support and enhance family units. We  prioritize the health and well-being of the family.

Every human matters

God desires that everyone be reached by the life-transforming power of the Gospel. We desire to see every human being introduced to who Jesus is and what He has done regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, background, or any other defining characteristic.

We choose to meet people where they are

We desire to communicate the Gospel with cultural relevance, grace, and power, so that the truth of the Gospel can be understood and received by every human being in the world.

Cultural diversity makes us stronger

Diversity provides a multitude of perspectives, experiences, and convictions that better represent the depth of Christ’s character to our community abroad. The Bible describes heaven as a place where people from every tribe, nation, and language will worship one God, Jesus Christ, together. If that’s going to happen someday, why not today?

We lead by serving

Christ came not to be served but to serve. He embraced those the world ignored and loved those in which the world found no value. Jesus led the way into the love of God by His actions. We take Jesus at His words: He that would be the first of all must be the servant of all.

We multiply, not maintain

Jesus has called us to a mission. The mission must be accomplished. This brings perspective and urgency to our lives. We are called to grow the movement of Jesus in the world. We choose to multiply people, resources, and leaders towards the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We live big through generosity

God is a generous God, and expects generosity from His people.  He is looking for people who are faithfully and continuously generous with their finances, time, and spiritual gifts. We believe God can use our finite gifts to make an eternal impact in the world.

We fight for unity

We ferociously pursue being a people of one mind, one heart, and one purpose. We take Jesus seriously when He says in John 17 that the world will know that He is God when we are unified. We desire to be known, not as individuals, but as the body of Christ at Midway Church.

We strive for integrity

God desires people of integrity who live Holy lives that are accountable to Him and the Church. Integrity glorifies God, protects us from stumbling, and encourages growth in all aspects of life.