The Blake House is a 10-month long, in-patient, regeneration process. This process differs greatly from a conventional rehabilitation program. By definition, the word rehabilitation means “to restore to a former state.” The former state of an addict before addiction is filled with wounds of rejection and pain. These wounds lead to a life of addiction. TBH believes the process of regeneration, “to restore to a better state”, is the prescription for life long freedom from addiction.
There are 20,000 families living in poverty in Carroll County. This means one in four children is living in poverty. Circles helps these struggling members in our communities by addressing poverty, shifting from merely service delivery to self-sufficiency and community building.
For over 60 years FCA has existed to unite the passions, faith and athletics, in athletes and coaches to impact the world for Jesus Christ.
Hot Meals is a ministry of Midway Church led by members Jeff and Pam Stack. Once a month Jeff and Pam, along with the collective efforts of our congregation, serve hot meals to families in need.
Impact West GA is a non-profit organization on a mission to improve the quality of life of veterans through DESERVE, the homeless through HOPE Center, and immigrants, children, as well as the un- and underemployed through Adult & Community Education.
Lifeline exists to feed the hungry, provide garments of love, and to minister to the soul. This mission allows local believers to be the hands and feet of Jesus; loving people as He first loved us.
The PRC pregnancy clinic provides free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, confidential counseling and critical information about giving birth, prenatal care, family planning, abortions, abortion clinics and adoption, all without judgment, ridicule, or rejection to families in need.
The mission of Midway’s Prison Ministry is to share the radical love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities.
Breaking the chains of drug and alcohol addiction is one of the hardest things to do. The Purpose Center approaches things differently by combining the power of Christian teaching with the substantial ethics of practical job training to create a drug and alcohol recovery program that tackles issues from all sides.
Women on Mission is ongoing missions involvement and learning that extends across the globe. Midway’s WOM provides missions opportunities, learning materials and many free resources to help women develop a missional lifestyle, while living in community.
Beloved Atlanta is the only two-year residential home and program for adult women surviving prostitution , trafficking, and addiction in Atlanta. Knowing that true freedom is only found through Christ, BeLoved seeks to identify and address each woman’s trauma by providing counseling, DBT, case management, and therapeutic groups. Through this they are able to see growth and transformation.
Project Live Love is a non-profit organization designed to influence culture through love in action by engaging, networking and mobilizing people who are motivated by love to tackle community issues like homelessness, sex trafficking, and drug and alcohol abuse.
Located in Atlanta’s International Village, Whirlwind Mission seeks to bring the church to the world through organizing community events that are saturated with the love and life of Jesus and by hosting mission teams who seek to reach the unreached.
Trades of Grace (T.O.G. for short) is a project-oriented mission organization that hosts teams of men who want to serve in Alaska and pairs them with projects that meet the skill base and interests of their teams.
Through Midway’s partnership with IMB-sponsored families and other Christian mission-minded families, lives are being transformed with the Gospel in the city of Casablanca despite Morocco’s long history of spiritual darkness.
Connect Global’s mission is to engage churches all over the world, especially in Latin America and U.S. to embrace God’s heart for the nations. This is done through helping churches develop the resources that God has given them, their own people and finances, in order to impact the lostness of our world, especially among the unreached.
Despite Dubai’s materially influential atmosphere there is a heavy spiritual darkness that is evident in all areas of life. Amongst the cities culturally diverse residents lives one of Midway’s mission partners who is daily combating evil through prayer and evangelism.
The ER Dream Centre serves to provide a safe early and primary learning environment for children at risk for falling behind academically. The Dream Centre also partners with schools and parents to ensure the children remain on course with his or her academic studies and provide opportunities for them to develop their talents.
The ER Dream Centre serves to provide a safe early and primary learning environment for children at risk for falling behind academically. The Dream Centre also partners with schools and parents to ensure the children remain on course with his or her academic studies and provide opportunities for them to develop their talents.
The mission of Global Focus is to teach believers in a local church to understand God’s local/global plan, motivating them to a loving response to God’s word, and providing opportunities for them to use their gifts, abilities, life experiences and resources to accomplish his local/global plan.
Through Midway’s partnership with local House Church Planter Eduardo, the spiritual climate of Havana is being shifted from one of religious practice to loving relationship with Jesus.
The International Leadership Institute trains and mobilizes leaders of leaders to reach their nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through their efforts over 200,000 people have been equipped in more than 100 nations to effectively share the Gospel.
Members of our Midway family have been working in Lijiang, China amongst the Naxi people for years. Their faithfulness to relentlessly love and pursue people with the Gospel is inspiring. Traditionally Naxi are farmers. Living in fear, they seek to appease “gods” in nature and ghosts of ancestors through various offerings and rituals, as well as bowing to the departed at their gravesite. Jesus is calling a people for Himself from the Naxi people in Lijiang. Pray that as they come to faith in Christ they will follow Him to make disciples.
Through the efforts of men like Ludwig Schimper, and others like him, Midway Church has seen dozens of children brought into safe living environments through the establishment of orphanages and church plants.
In partnership with Keith Keller and his family, each year Midway is given the opportunity to see young Czechs come to Christ through attending English Clubs taught within local universities.