Monthly Prayer Focus

May 2018

It’s Not Hopeless – God’s Finger-Licking Good!

Written by: Thomas Sledge

Well it’s May and time again to pause and focus.  In this month’s prayer focus, if you will allow, we’ll break away from the traditional to look and examine a real life human story and a bit of humor that you probably see every day; something different this month.  We’ll gaze briefly into the life of an America icon, whose humble beginnings reached a point of hopelessness, despair, and a loss of heart and willingness to continue forward in life.  Certainly, we can all agree this is a precarious predicament to find oneself in, and the scriptures reveal to us in The Book of Proverbs 13:12 that hope deferred afflicts the soul, but isn’t this the exact life God’s seeks to transform for his glory.  The wisdom of the Proverbs paints this very portrait replica of the life we’re review.  We’ll use it to demonstrate that even though we may be lost in despair and disheartened with no outlook for a tomorrow, It’s Not Hopeless – God’s Finger-Licking Good!

            He was born Harland Sanders on September 9, 1890 in Henryville, Indiana. [1] At age 5, his father died, at 16, he quit school, and at age 17, he’d already loss four jobs.  At age 18, he got married and became a railroad conductor.  At age 19, he became a father to a little girl.  One year later at age 20, his wife left him and took their year-old baby daughter with her.  At age 22, he joined the Army and washed-out there, and applied to law school and was rejected.  He then became an insurance salesman which ended in failure.  He later became a dishwasher and a cook at a small café located at a popular Kentucky service station, and after a failed attempt to kidnap his daughter, convinced his wife to return home.  The food served at the service station became so popular, in fact, that the governor of Kentucky designated Harland Sanders as a Kentucky colonel. [2] Harland Sanders’ biography discloses that at age 65 he retired and on the 1st day of his retirement received a check for $105.00. Thinking of himself as a failure, he decided to commit suicide.  His biography reveals he sat down to write his will, but instead wrote about the things he had wanted to do with his life and how he was a good cook. Writing his will and thinking about himself, he decided to borrow $87.00, fried-up some chicken using his recipe, and went door-to-door selling his chicken.  Amazing and miraculously at age 88 Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), reached the financial status of billionaire.  Our gaze into his life doesn’t end here.  Still yearning to fill a void, Sanders accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, and his biography documents him telling his pastor he’d finally found the fulfillment he’d been seeking his whole life.  Maybe you didn’t know it, but at age 77, he followed Jesus in believer’s baptism and was baptized in the River of Jordan.  He professed divine healing from a growth in his colon.  Doctors told him that when they opened him up his polyps were gone, and he no longer required surgery.  He’s cited as giving God thanks for his goodness and expressed being a great believer in tithing.  He spent his life working to build his fortune, but was quoted saying, “I always figured there is no use being the richest man in the cemetery, you can’t operate there.” He was quoted again at age 90 as saying, “People don’t know that I gave most of my money away.  Most of it goes to churches.” [3]

            In hopelessness and seeing himself as a failure in life, Colonel Harland Sanders contemplated suicide and sat down to write his last will and testament.  He found himself in a precarious predicament in life, afflicted with no hope or outlook for a tomorrow, but isn’t this the exact life God’s seeks to transform for his glory, Hallelujah!  In the Book of Luke 4:18, Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord anointed him to proclaim good news to the poor, and to bring divine healing to the broken-hearted.  Who’s to say that at his lowest point in life, and writing his last will and testament, God didn’t intervene in the life of Colonel Sanders, turning his mind to think on the good things.  Who’s to say that finding himself in a state of brokenness and despair, Colonel Sanders life wasn’t ready for God’s hand to shape and mold it for his glory?  Perhaps you’re like me and when you see the KFC commercial where country superstar Reba McEntire plays its iconic pitch person, you laugh; it’s funny and humorous.  The next time you watch a KFC commercial, or purchase a box of KFC chicken, think of the human story of Colonel Harland Sanders.  In despair?  Broken-hearted? Have no outlook for a tomorrow?  God wants to transform your life and turn your mind to the good things.  The next time you watch a KFC commercial, join with us as we meditate on this month’s prayer focus, It’s Not Hopeless – God’s Finger-Licking Good!


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