Monthly Prayer Focus

March 2019


Written by: Thomas Sledge

It’s March, and time again to focus. In last month’s focus we examined the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven and spiritual discernment when it comes to the unmasking of untruths.   We focused on exposing the identity of things, to be more specific, idealism’s, that disguise themselves in the appearances of something true that were not.   We focused and turned our attention to what was described as lying wonders exhibiting great power and influences to deceive many away from the truth of God’s word.   In this month’s prayer focus, we’ll continue to shed light and truth along this theme and raise awareness with regards to a topic we hope you’ll find relevant to today’s current world we live in.  To tackle and continue our focus, we chose the topic Counterfeit.  Counterfeit has been defined to mean to imitate something authentic, with the intent to steal or replace the original for use in illegal transactions, or otherwise to deceive individuals into believing that the fake is of equal or greater value than the real thing.  [1] Read that again please!  One of the characteristics of counterfeit can be that its appearance can seem so real that only through the eyes of one trained to detect counterfeit, or through other advanced measures to validate its authenticity can one established that something is in fact not real, but counterfeit.  The bible warns and teaches us to guard against those that counterfeit God’s word.  What does this mean to us and why does the bible warn us against falling prey to what we’re describing as counterfeit.  Why should we be concerned about this? We’ll look to the bible for answers to these questions in this month’s prayer focusCounterfeit.

                 We find in the scripture in The Book of John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God.”  John 1:14 accounts that, “The Word became a human being and lived with us.  We saw his true glory, the glory which he received as the Father’s only Son.”  Now then in John 14:16-17 Jesus’ promised “I will ask the Father to send you the Holy Spirit who will help you and always be with you.  The Spirit will show you what is true.  The people of this world cannot accept the Spirit because they don’t see or know him.  But you know the Spirit, who is with you and will keep on living in you.”  Here we have a picture of the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and lastly the Holy Spirit.  The bible warns that days would come when the evil one, Satan, will once again try to counterfeit the things God has declared that he will do.  Isaiah 14:13 discloses this to be the very thing that caused Satan’s fall from his heavenly status as an anointed angel.  It reads of Satan, “…I’ll go up to heaven and set up my throne above God’s stars.  I’ll sit on the mountains far away in the north where the gods assemble.”  Here, we see clearly Satan’s counterfeit, his attempt to imitate God with intent to steal away God’s worship for his own, and to represent himself as the one and only true God.  His goal, to deceive many into believing that his power is equal to or greater than our God, who was from the beginning.  One could discern that just as God has instituted the Holy Trinity, that the bible warns of Satan’s imitation of a counterfeit trinity that will be comprised of: (1) him as God the Father, (2) the Antichrist, who some have interpreted will be the greatest political leader in history, as the Son, and (3) The False Prophet , who Jesus describes will come in sheep’s clothing performing great signs and wonders to lead you away (Matthew 7:15-20).  Like Satan’s desires from the beginning to be God instead of a servant of God, and his desire for men to worship him, Satan through his counterfeit lies and deceptions of many will once again attempt to rule the universe.  He elicits the use of The False Prophet in the pivotal role of getting mankind to worship the Antichrist.  Here again we spiritually discern the counterfeit.  Like we, the believers of Christ are inhabited by the Holy Spirit, those deceived by the False Prophet are inhabited by the Spirit of Antichrist, which is where Satan lives. 

                 Once again, we raise your attention and awareness to idealism’s and lying wonders filled with great power and influences that deceive many away from the truth of God’s word.  Fake imitations of the one, the only, original, and from the beginning Word, true God.  Counterfeit, and those described like this in John 8:44, “You are the children of your father, the Devil, and you want to follow your father’s desires.  From the very beginning he was a murderer and has never been on the side of truth, because there is no truth in him.  When he tells a lie, he is doing what is natural to him, because he is a liar and the father of all lies.”  Jesus proclaims in John 14:6 himself as the way, the truth, and the life.  He still pronounces today through the words of the bible and Holy Spirit that no one comes to the Father, the one who in the beginning was the Word, but through him.  The bible warns to guard against this counterfeit that has power to perform lying wonders that deceive many.  We know the truth, validate, and distinguish its authenticity through the Holy Spirit within us that attests to, corroborates, and bears out the truthiness of God’s word.  Please join with us as we turn our attention to this month’s prayer focusCounterfeit.


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