Monthly Prayer Focus

August 2017

Yesterday’s Watch – Today’s Normalcy

Written by: Thomas Sledge

 In last month’s prayer message, we focused on the completion of the first half of the year and looked to examine our own lives and asked many questions in search to answer questions about God’s presence in our lives.  We concluded with an assessment that regardless of many differing personal views, circumstances, events, or focus or lack thereof to God’s calling and purpose for our lives, there is no escape from the presence of God.  We reaffirmed from the Bible that despite all, God is there.  In this month’s prayer focus we’ll shift our attention from assessing of our own personal lives, to a real continuous and ongoing look at the status of the world we live in today.   We used the adjectives continuous and ongoing descriptors because Jesus gave a plain and encouraging message to all with regards to assessing the status of the world.  His message to us all was, and remains today, to stay alert and as He put it simply, ‘Watch’, Matthew 13:37. In looking at the status of the world we live in today, what are your thoughts?  It’s unimaginable that a sincere assessment does not lead to an opinion, viewpoint, impression, or some inference, good or bad.  What is your impression and persuasion, what is your point of view, how do you react to the status of the world as it is today, and what conclusions do you draw?  Remember, Jesus’ simple instructions to stay alert, and ‘Watch’, remains relevant today.  What do you see?  We’ll examine and look for answers to these questions in this month’s prayer focus, “Yesterdays Watch – Today’s Normalcy.”


Are you watching?   Author Thomas D. Williams, PhD, in an article that appeared in a January 1, 2017 publishing by the Breitbart News Network cites the Director of CESNUR (Center for Studies on New Religions), and the leader of the study, Dr. Massimo Introvigne, as identifying Christians as the most persecuted religious group in the world.  The articles documents staggering numbers of those affected, as CESNUR reported for the Year 2016 some 90,000 Christians killed around the world simply because of their faith. [1] Some could ask themselves the question, what kind of world are we living in today where so many people lose their lives because of their faith and belief in God?  It seemingly appears bad things and influences in the world are on the rise and growing stronger, while at the same time things of good repute, character, and consequence fade.  What are we to think of this?  Does it sound familiar?  In Matthew 24:9, Jesus spoke of a day when many would be hated and killed for His name’s sake.  Could a current view of today’s world reflect a normalcy of a day in time Jesus over two thousand years ago said would come? The scripture in Romans 1:18 reads, “God’s anger is revealed from heaven against every ungodly and immoral thing people do as they try to suppress the truth by their immoral living.”  It continues through Verse 32 revealing to us that there is no excuse for absence of the knowledge of God’s eternal power and divine grace. It tells of days when God’s truth will be replaced with lies, and describes days in which men will worship themselves instead of the God who created them.  It speaks of those whose minds will be filled with evil that will control them to the point that they will do the things that are not right.  Days when many will have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, and no mercy toward others.   It describes days of broken promises, senseless acts of meanness, heartlessness, and faithless, untrustworthy, compassionless, and ruthless behavior by people whose minds would be depraved and given over to evil passions. This because of their having a knowledge of God, but despite that knowledge, their choosing to distort and reject of His truths.


Are you watching?  What do you see?  As you attentively follow Jesus’ instructions to stay alert and watch, what are your impressions and persuasions?  What is your point-of view, what conclusions do you draw, and what’s your reaction? Could a prophetical biblical description of days to come be today’s normalcy?  What do you see?  Only God knows the perfect timing of those days, but He promises days when evil will flourish and a strong delusion overcome many because of their acceptance of lies and refusal to love the truth that is able to save them, 2 Thessalonians, 2:10.  The Scripture tells of days to come when those filled with evil, and deluded by the evil one who possesses counterfeit powers, signs, and lying wonders, will hate and persecute Christians.  The scripture reveals they will perish and shall not escape, 1 Thessalonians, 5:3.  They will regret what the scripture foretells us is coming to rule the earth.  His name is Jesus!  Please join with us, the Midway Prayer Ministry, as we turn our attention to this month’s prayer focus, “Yesterdays Watch – Today’s Normalcy.”



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